Emily Tam, St Fidelis Parish

Emily Tam, St Fidelis ParishEmily Tam, St Fidelis Parish - Moreland, Music Ministry/ Youth Ministry/ Social Justice

My love for music is what led me to begin my Music Ministry work. I have always been keen to learn all forms of music and wanted to develop my skills as a musician. The profound meaning behind the music and its purpose has brought me closer to God and has motivated me to contribute more. As such, I am currently also leading the Youth Ministry and Social Justice group at our parish.

Over time I have understood more and more that my calling is to serve God through music: to express the beauty of God, to worship God, to pray, to support my parish and the congregation, to learn more about God and to spread God's word. I always feel that what I am receiving from God through this work is so much more than what I am giving. I intend to continue serving in this way while developing myself further so that I can give more.

A lot of what I have learned is from actually doing it every week at mass. With the musical training that I have had, there is still so much that I need to learn. Especially in the beginning of this role, I was often outside of my comfort zone, but I have come to understand that it is exactly because I was outside of my comfort zone that I grew so much as a musician and as a person in the last two and a half years. My Parish Priest, Assistant Parish Priest and Organist have been very supportive and encouraging. I have learned a lot from them.

My Parish Priest has always been supportive of the ideas that I have had to improve the music ministry at our parish as well as other projects. Because of his support, we now have a Youth Music Scholarship where four high school aged singing students can further their musical skills as well as receive a generous scholarship award each year.

There are also many musicians’ networks around where we give one another support and advice. In general, I have formed so many new friendships with the common goal of serving God and making beautiful music.

There are many challenges in my role, but the most challenging aspect is to keep going even when I am not well. But by pushing through, we find that we have more strength than we think we have, for a purpose that is bigger than yourself. 

My greatest joy is when we are singing in harmony surrounded by the sounds of the organ and feeling God's presence. It's really something special. 

My Assistant Parish Priest and I lead the Youth Ministry together. Besides the Youth Ministry, he also plays the violin, so we have played a few Violin/ Flute/ Organ pieces together at mass together. This is one of my best experiences of collaboration between lay and ordained in ministry.

Music ministry is fulfilling in so many levels. If you are thinking of working in Music ministry, don't hesitate to do so. Our parishes need you as music is so important in the liturgy and in our lives.


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